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Garbelli is one of very few Grana Padano DOP cheesemakers who does not add lysozyme, because he succeeds in feeding his cows with a selection of forage almost exclusively from his own fields and without the addition of corn silage. ... To the point where one wonders itis real or a dream.

Horizontal Tasting, grana padano, Italian cheese

Grana Padano > Grana Padano PDO > Tasting > Horizontal Tasting Horizontal Tasting Grana Padano PDO is produced across five Italian regions and 13 provinces, from Veneto to Piedmont and from Emilia Romagna to Trentino. ... The Alpine Brown The Alpine Brown is the Italian strain of the Brown breed from central Switzerland, improved with new [...]

Biocaseificio Tomasoni di Tomasoni Massimo & C.

In addition to the Grana Padano brand, they decided to go down the organic route and applied for further certification status from the certifying body, ICEA Lombardia.... Here we can still see the “pans” where the cream rises to the top, and the vats in which the wheels are placed in a brine bath.

Caseificio Cooperativo Casanova Soc.

In the past there was a pig farm right next to the dairy, where the pigs were fed the whey left over from the cheese production process.

Santangiolina Latte Fattorie Lombarde Soc.

We then see the various production phases, from the production vats to the resting phase, the extraction of the wheels and the salting stage. ... Our visit ends in the analysis laboratory, where 20 year-old technician Luca passionately monitors the parameters of the milk every day.

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Chiaravalle Abbey and its mill View from the Chiaravalle Abbey cloister in Milan View from the Chiaravalle Abbey cloister in Milan THE CLOISTER The cloister can be found beside the right side of the church, where the longer arm of the cross is located. ... The Chapter House opens up on the eastern side of the cloister, a place [...]

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This recipe traveled easily from Italy along with the early immigrants. ... I also substitute rice or barley for the pasts, a common practice in the north of Italy, where rice is abundant.

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GRANA PADANO PDO AT FICO EATALY WORLD Since nearly a thousand years, Grana Padano PDO has been produced with the same passion following the recipe created by the Benedictine monks: milk only from the Po valley (Pianura Padana), completely natural processing, precise ageing time, strict quality controls. ...   STEP-BY-STEP IN THE GRANA PADANO PDO DAIRY [...]

Sustainable development according to Grana Padano

Today the analysis of environmental problems is inseparable from the analysis of human, family, work, urban and economic contexts. ... The study was done using an approach from cradle to gate , that is, including all the processes from the milk production stage, transport to the cheese factory, Grana Padano production and the maturing [...]

Casearia Bresciana Ca.Bre S.C.A., grana padano, Production sites

After taking a look at the cheese production process, we go back to the offices where we are joined by the current president, Mr. ... ” Arturo then takes us to see Giuseppe from Fattoria Cornetti, one of the dairy farms that supplies milk to CABRE.

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