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Mauro, so she takes us to see him in the room next door where he is with a family of tourists from Rome who have come to see how Grana Padano is made. ... We sit down at his crowded table where the guests, Mr.

Caseari Dall' Aglio Snc, grana padano, Production sites

This milk comes from cows fed exclusively on hay permitted under the Production Specifications, without any maize silage. ... There are actually 3 production sites near the dairy, where 3,000 pigs are reared from a young age, in compliance with the Piacenza area PDO requirements for the production of coppa, salami and pancetta.

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This code embodies our total commitment in adopting a responsible behaviour towards ourselves and the people who work with us, towards the territory where we work, weave relationships, establish agreements and partnerships. ... Crimes from which the aforementioned organisations might profit.

Latteria Sociale Ca' De' Stefani Soc.

The cheese-making room has been recently built and here we can see the wheels that have just been taken out of the cauldrons hanging from conveyor belts, passing over our heads on their way to the facility where they will be placed in special moulds. ...  Finally, we return to the office where we are joined by the President Libero [...]


We are welcomed by the director Giuseppe Rizzi, who begins to tell us how Grana Padano is made by processing the milk supplied by the 21 members of the cooperative, all from the Piacenza area. ... After 3 days, the wheels are immersed in brine, where they remain for 17 to 18 days.

Caseificio Campiotti & C.

”   The milk they use comes from dairy farms situated within 20 kilometres from the cheese factory, and two of these farms have been supplying them continuously since 1959. ... In fact, all the spaces, from the offices to the dairy shop, are heated with the water recovered from cheese processing, which is only [...]

Caseificio Sociale Ponte di Barbarano Soc.

The beating heart of the processing plant are the two heating rooms, which hold 48 double bottoms in all and where everything is done traditionally. ... So, yes to technological evolution, but only where it does not compromise the quality of the finished product.

Caseificio Sociale Ballottara Soc.

Cheesemaking in the Valentino family began well before the business that now operates in Bergantino, on the Veronese mountains, where it originated. In fact, the Ballottara cheese factory was active from 1963 to 1982.

Caseificio Vincenzo Quaglia S.r.l., grana padano, Production sites

From the collection of warm milk in churns to the collection of cold milk in tanks. From the skimming done in traditional tanks to computerized vats with a tap from which the milk is drained at different times so that, every morning, the milk is already skimmed to the right level and has the right fat content.

Caseificio Achille Snc di Dalla Valentina Ezio e C., grana padano, Production sites

., north of Verona and not far from the city centre. ... All contributing members come from the Lessinia mountain range.

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