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And yet, this dairy is younger than the others, especially if you count the age of the person who manages it and the number of smiles and jokes that are exchanged during the visit and the improvements that are periodically made to the structure.

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At Rigazzi’s, it was the special of the day when we visited.

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For today’s visit, he has asked one of the oldest PLAC employees, who is now retired, to be our guide and tell us a few anecdotes.

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” We complete our tour with a visit to the test lab, where a specialist technician performs the testing of both the milk and the cheese.

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After nine months of this ageing process, they are visited by an expert tester  with a white coat and a case for his tools.

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He takes us to visit the cheese plant and, as it's now 1 o' clock, the cheesemaking activities are over and the staff are busy cleaning so that everything will be in perfect order when production starts again the following morning at around 5 a.m.

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Media > Grana Padano for Kids > Annie and Pad Annie and Pad ANNIE AND PAD Ciao kids! I’m Annie, the Grana Padano cow. I live in a cowshed near here, with my cow-friends. We keep ourselves fit during the day with a bit of exercise, and we live on a healthy diet in order to produce the best milk. We like a good feed, though, and just LOVE alfalfa!

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Responsible taste > Animal welfare Animal welfare Care for animal wellbeing The living conditions of the dairy herds Regulations Labelling Care for animal wellbeing The “Grana Padano PDO system” has always paid great attention to the quality of its production and to the everyday measures it takes to achieve this quality, thus ensuring the consumer a healthy and genuine product. [...]

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  Having returned from the Council of Pisa (1135), Bernard of Clairvaux was sent by the clergy to visit the city of Milan and restore the Milanese church’s obedience to both the emperor and the pontiff.