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“In a small-scale business like ours, you need to be able to do all kinds of jobs, so I’m also the plumber, the electrician, the store man, and so on.

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Consortium > Production sites > Caseificio Giovanni Invernizzi Srl Caseificio Giovanni Invernizzi Srl Dairy Number: BG507 Via Mazzini, 40 24040 - Pontirolo Nuovo (BG) tel 0363 880145 – fax 0363 322093 It all started with Signora Teresa, who back in the 30s opened a store in Pontirolo Nuovo where she [...]

Latteria Sociale S.

Mauro can't wait to move into the new spaces where, at last, he will have more room to store all his materials and perhaps also a member of staff to whom he can delegate some of the work.

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Together with Tanya and son-in-law Corrado, Lidia also has developed a line of artisanal pastas and all-natural sauces, LIDIA’S, which are sold at fine food stores nationwide.

Baked salted cod, potatoes, anchovies and Grana Padano PDO

After drying outdoors, the stockfish is stored for another couple of months in a closed, well-ventilated, dry room.

Cavatelli with white ragout

As table decoration, I chose decorative white pumpkins bought in September and stored at home for the entire autumn.

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Tag directory > grana padano store techniques grana padano store techniques

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Grana Padano > History History In 1000 A.D. It all began around a thousand years ago, during a time where many discoveries had still not occurred, discoveries we now take for granted.

Chiaravalle Abbey, Cistercian monks, Grana Padano history, origins of Grana Padano cheese

Grana Padano > History > CHIARAVALLE ABBEY CHIARAVALLE ABBEY The community of the Cistercians The community of the Cistercians THE CISTERCIANS The Cistercian monastic order was founded in Citeaux, France, in 1098. Its founder, Robert de Molesme, together with a group of monks, wanted to restore strict compliance with the Rule of Saint Benedict, at a time when the communities of the [...]

Basil pesto with Grana Padano Riserva, Entrees, recipes with italian cheese

Store the pesto in the refrigerator in an airtight container.

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