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All Caseificio Quaglia products are PDO certified, made in accordance with strict production specifications and with milk delivered from neighbouring municipalities to ensure maximum traceability.

Horizontal Tasting, grana padano, Italian cheese

Despite the fact that the cheese-making processes and equipment used in the farms and dairies are identical, and that all producers have to comply with a single and strict set of specifications, the area of production of Grana Padano PDO is so extensive that the characteristics which make it a typical product and give it its identity are not so homogeneous or uniform. ... [...]

"Grana" can only be "Padano", Italian cheese

Therefore, the term "GRANA" is an integral and characterising part of the Protected Designation of Origin "GRANA PADANO" and, therefore, it can in no case be used separately from the adjective "PADANO" and with reference to cheese other than the one that may legitimately bear the full name (i.e. the one having the characteristics provided by Presidential Decree [...]

Vertical Tasting, grana padano, Italian cheese

  Olfactory Analysis There is no specific vocabulary of descriptive terms for the different smells and each aroma is instead defined by the name of the element that has a given smell.

Latteria Agricola S.

Grana Padano is now also produced - though always in strict compliance with production specification - with the Kosher label, and as from October some wheels will have organic certification.

Santangiolina Latte Fattorie Lombarde Soc.

Meticulous attention to detail from start to finish, governed by production specifications and daily checks on both the raw materials and the end product.

Sustainable development according to Grana Padano

Responsible taste > Environmental sustainability > Sustainable development according to Grana Padano Sustainable development according to Grana Padano According to the definition put forward in the report “Our Common Future” published in 1987 by United Nations’ World Commission on Environment and Development, sustainable development is development that is ensured to [...]

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