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The important thing is to know the rules, then, at home, everyone will be free to do their best, right?

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  It was not, however, until April 10, 1954, that Italy established some rules on the "Protection of Designa-tions of origins of cheeses".... The milk is produced by cows milked only twice daily and fed ac-cording to specific rules.

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Consortium > Production sites > Caseificio Zucchelli Srl Caseificio Zucchelli Srl Dairy Number: LO205 Cascina Marmorina, 18 26863 - Orio Litta (LO) tel. 0377 804232 - fax 0377 804021 The double bottomed, copper vats shaped like an inverted bell The double bottomed, copper vats shaped like an inverted bell CASEIFICIO ZUCCHELLI, AT THE [...]

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The farmer is the first interested in respecting the rules, and in particular in making milk production more sustainable. ... I am convinced supporter of this rule.

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(Italian Ministry of Health memo DGISAN 16.06.2016) The basic absence of lactose in Grana Padano PDO – a consequence of its natural production process as rigorously laid down in its official Specification Rules – means that people intolerant to lactose can assimilate it without problems, thus allowing them to benefit from the extraordinary nutritious content of [...]

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The rules that define a quality supply and production chain are the conservation of the local biodiversity, a focus on animal welfare, the quality and authenticity of the milk, the protection of the environment.

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So, ultimately, there is innovation but tradition rules.

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With the introduction of rules and regulations for production, the cattle diet changed and as a result the quality of the milk improved considerably.

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The reason is simple: according to the rules of bon ton, before the meal, when you sit at the table you should be able to easily grasp the edge of the napkin with your left hand while using the right hand to unfold it and place it on your legs.

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Grana Padano > Production process > Grana Padano PDO Production Specification Rules Grana Padano PDO Production Specification Rules Each and every wheel is made using a unique procedure, which is repeated time and time again in exactly the same way. Production Specification Rules .pdf

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