Risotto with zucchini and stuffed blossoms

Recipes > Recipes > Entrees > Risotto with zucchini and stuffed blossoms Printable version Risotto with zucchini and stuffed blossoms A good risotto is always delicious, in every season. ... Fish broth is the right choice for seafood risotto; choose meat broth for a flavorful risotto or saffron [...]

Grana Padano, spelt and broad bean soup, Entrees, recipes with italian cheese

Once soft and lightly golden, add the spelt and toast it like a risotto for a couple of minutes.

Press kit

Media > Press area > Press kit > Press kit Press kit History Origins History tells us that the famous cheese from the Po Valley was created in 1135 at the Chiaravalle Abbey , a few kilometers south of Milan. It was made so as to preserve the surplus milk produced each day, using special cauldrons, within monasteries, which can as such be considered the first dairies.

Light risotto with fava beans, bresaola, lemon and Grana Padano, Entrees, recipes with italian cheese

Recipes > Recipes > Entrees > Light risotto with fava beans, bresaola, lemon and Grana Padano Light risotto with fava beans, bresaola, lemon and Grana Padano Printable version Share Details . ...   Serve the risotto warm, with a sprinkle of grated lemon peel and some freshly ground black pepper.

Sunday lasagna, with ragù and ricotta

The host usually prepares the "main course", or at least those that are difficult to transport, or what needs last minute cooking, such as risotto.

Rolled Meatloaf stuffed with mushrooms and Grana Padano cheese

Porcini is perfect for risotto, fresh pasta, polenta.

Sunday roast pork with artichokes and Grana Padano Riserva

Using the discarded leaves, you can prepare a nice broth to make a soup or a risotto with artichokes.

Rice Balls with Pumpkin and Grana Padano, Complete meals, recipes with italian cheese

  Variety:  Rice Lactose free Ingredients 400 g leftover saffron risotto 500 g pumpkin 200 g Grana Padano 2 eggs 1 shallot breadcrumbs frying oil salt pepper Preparation Dice the pumpkin and cook it in a non-stick pan with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, ½ cup water and chopped shallot.

Grana Padano Riso al Salto, Entrees, recipes with italian cheese

There the tradition is to use saffron risotto (a must for the Milanese people) but I’ve adapted the recipe for a Grana Padano cheese risotto with asparagus. ... Halfway through the cooking add the chopped asparagus to the risotto and once the time is up, if you’re happy with the texture, remove the risotto from [...]

flavoursome broth with rustic pizza squares

The result is a broth which is less tasty, but still very good, perfect for preparing a risotto.

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