Skewers of melon, blueberries mint and Grana Padano grilled rinds, Snacks, recipes with italian cheese

Recipes > Recipes > Snacks > Skewers of melon, blueberries mint and Grana Padano grilled rinds Skewers of melon, blueberries mint and Grana Padano grilled rinds Printable version Share Details . ... Drain and dry the rinds, cut them into cubes of about 2 cm and grill on all sides until golden.

Grana Padano honeycomb with roasted tomatoes, rocket and hazelnut, Side dishes, recipes with italian cheese

So from now on hang on to your Grana Padano rinds. ... Microwave on high for 1 ½ minutes until the rind puffs up.

Grana Padano gratinated sardines with tomato salad, Starters, recipes with italian cheese

Grate the outside of the rind to remove the toughest part and cook the rind in a microwave at maximum power for 1 minute and 30 seconds. Once the Grana Padano rind has puffed let it cool down and then crumble it in small pieces.

Chickpea burgers with Grana Padano and "popcorn", Complete meals, recipes with italian cheese

  Preparation time:  2 hours Ingredients 450 g soaked chickpeas (overnight) 40 g grated Grana Padano, over 16 months 4 hamburger buns (80g each) 40 g Grana Padano cheese rind, over 16 months 80 g spring leaf salad 20 g of extra virgin olive oil Salt & pepper Preparation Cover the soaked chickpeas with cold water and simmer for 1 1/2 hours then drain. ... Scrape [...]

GRANA PADANO PDO CHEESE AGNOLOTTI “CACIO E PEPE”, Entrees, recipes with italian cheese

In this recipe I use the rind to make wonderful, crunchy ‘croutons’ for added texture and flavour. ... Place the rind that is left (whole) it onto a microwave dish lined with baking paper.

Grana Padano custard canapés, Starters, recipes with italian cheese

Ingredients 200ml of milk 50g of Grana Padano rind or trimmings, chopped 200ml of double cream 50g of Grana Padano, grated 5 egg yolks salt pepper To serve 4 rashers of streaky bacon 80g of peas, raw or defrosted 10g of chopped chives 1/2 lemon, zested 1 tsp extra virgin olive oil   Preparation To begin, bring the milk to the boil with the Grana Padano [...]

Canapés and mimosa cocktail for International Women’s Day, Happy Hour, recipes with italian cheese

Spread a tablespoon of mayonnaise on each canapé, followed by the Grana Padano and egg mixture and serve with a sprinkle of grated lemon rind and some chopped parsley.

Prosecco DOC marinated cod with green chicory and Grana Padano broth, Main courses, recipes with italian cheese

Place the cheese rind, the celery, a couple of garlic cloves, a few fresh herbs and 1 onion, into a big pan with 4lt of water. ... Once the broth is ready pass it through a fine sieve and get rid of the Grana Padano rinds and the vegetables.

Braised beef cheeks with Grana Padano fondue, Complete meals, recipes with italian cheese

Grana Padano ‘Crackling’ (Optional): For extra crunch, take the rind of the cheese and scrape away the dark hard part with a knife.

Seared Mullet Fillets with Basil, Datterini Tomatoes and Grana Padano, Side dishes, recipes with italian cheese

  Preparation time:  10' Lactose free Gluten free Ingredients 1/2 watermelon 180 g Italian mixed salad 100 g Grana Padano shavings 40 g pumpkin seeds  extra virgin olive oil  balsamic vinegar mint salt pepper Preparation Cut the watermelon into cubes, removing the rind and seeds.

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