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  It was not, however, until April 10, 1954, that Italy established some rules on the "Protection of Designa-tions of origins of cheeses".... The milk is produced by cows milked only twice daily and fed ac-cording to specific rules.

Grana Padano PDO Production Specification Rules, grana padano, Italian cheese

Grana Padano > Production process > Grana Padano PDO Production Specification Rules Grana Padano PDO Production Specification Rules Each and every wheel is made using a unique procedure, which is repeated time and time again in exactly the same way. [...]

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The almost 4,500 cattle farms that provide milk to the cheese factories which produce Grana Padano PDO are perfectly aware of this rule. ... The feed, forage and fodder fed to the animals must comply with the Grana Padano Production Specification Rules, and this is ensured by a system of periodic controls carried out by an [...]

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A matter of identity As the gastronomical culture and food practices continue to evolve with time, there is an ever growing need to clearly identify the characteristics and peculiarities of our ancient tradition and specific production techniques. ... From then on, the term "Grana Padano" would identify only a particular cheese produced in a [...]

Chiaravalle Abbey, Cistercian monks, Grana Padano history, origins of Grana Padano cheese

Its founder, Robert de Molesme, together with a group of monks, wanted to restore strict compliance with the Rule of Saint Benedict, at a time when the communities of the Benedictine monks were characterised by a rather lax approach to customs. According to the Benedictine rule, the monks were to dedicate their lives to prayer and to working in the fields, [...]

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For tasting to provide results that can be compared with one another, even when performed on different products, in different time frames and by different evaluators, it is necessary to determine the rules for evaluating the individual parameters and the rating scale for the values attributed to each parameter. The aim of tasting is not just for personal [...]

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The Consortium makes sure that the feeding complies with the rules, laid down in the Product Specifications, which describe in great detail the kind of forage that can, or cannot be used. ... Finally, more and more farmers opt for unifeed, a single forage mix - always the same – whose components must comply with the [...]

Grana Padano naturally lactose free, lactose-free cheese, cheese for lactose intolerant, lactose-free diet

(Italian Ministry of Health memo DGISAN 16.06.2016) The basic absence of lactose in Grana Padano PDO – a consequence of its natural production process as rigorously laid down in its official Specification Rules – means that people intolerant to lactose can assimilate it without problems, thus allowing them to benefit from the [...]

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Meticulous attention to detail from start to finish, governed by production specifications and daily checks on both the raw materials and the end product. ... The rules that define a quality supply and production chain are the conservation of the local biodiversity, a focus on animal welfare, the quality and [...]

Sustainable development according to Grana Padano

The study’s general objective was to test the methodology’s applicability to our cheese’s production chain in order to gain awareness on the main critical environmental issues in the production process and to identify potential best practices and actions to improve the product’s environmental performance. The study [...]

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