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In the last few months, the price of the raw material is high, and we also have a production quota as a dairy that we do not want to exceed in order not to pay the extra contribution”. ... The price difference, in the absence of adequate consumer training, often leads in one direction only, to give up the value of the PDO.

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Consortium > Production sites > Ambrosi SpA Ambrosi SpA Dairy Number: BS601 Via Ottorino Ambrosi, 1 25014 - Castenedolo (BS) tel. 030 2134811 - fax 030 2733121 Giuseppe Ambrosi, President and CEO of Ambrosi Group Giuseppe Ambrosi, President and CEO of Ambrosi Group “We consider ourselves great craftsmen, not industrialists” Giuseppe Ambrosi, [...]

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With the little milk they collected, Signora Teresa would make stracchino and mozzarella, which she tried to sell at her store and to other retailers who would use any means to bring the price down, including complaining about the quality of the cheese - something Giuseppe was not happy about.

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Tag directory > Cheese wholesale prices Cheese wholesale prices

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Tag directory > Wholesale prices grana padano Wholesale prices grana padano

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The promotion of the proper use of the name "Grana Padano" Following the ever-increasing globalisation of markets, the growing issue of the counterfeiting affecting Made in Italy products and, last but not least, the economic crisis and its effects on the speculation over quality and prices, the Consortium puts a great deal of effort in the promotion of the correct [...]

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