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Add in the grated Parmesan cheese, cherry tomatoes, and juice of the lemon.

Grana Padano Press Campaign 2005

Media > Advertising > Press > Grana Padano Press Campaign 2005 Grana Padano Press Campaign 2005 The recent ban on using the term "parmesan" made it essential to define the Grana Padano brand in foreign countries where the product had spread under the generic name. ... The campaign was structured as two consecutive pages, a teaser in which the consumer was [...]

Grana Padano Press Campaign 2001

Consumers confuse it with parmesan and do not see it as an Italian product.

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  And more than once, after spending a lot of time describing the distinctive features of Grana Padano, people turned around and asked me: ‘So this is Parmesan cheese?!