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A food with high nutritional value Everyone knows about the nutritional importance of milk in human nutrition.

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Responsible taste > Nutritional education Nutritional education In 2005, with the aim of helping to disseminate the good practices that form the basis of primary prevention in order to improve and maintain welfare and prevent or reduce the occurrence of diseases, including serious diseases, the Consortium for the Protection of Grana Padano - the [...]

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The resulting biodiversity creates a balanced and complete forage with different nutritional properties, which gives the milk, and consequently the cheese, distinctive organoleptic and nutritional characteristics. ... The pigs were fed the whey left over from the Grana Padano production process; it was a great nutrition boost to the pigs but [...]

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  Increasing the awareness of consumers and stakeholders on PEF, through targeted information and communication campaigns. ...       CENTRE NATIONAL INTERPROFESSIONNEL DE L’ECONOMIE LATIÈRE (CNIEL)​ Composed of representatives of farmers’ federations, private processors and cooperatives, CNIEL is the institution responsible for [...]

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All dairy farms involved in supplying milk to the Grana Padano PDO system must comply with mandatory rules and are subject to regular controls by the competent organs (veterinarians from local health services) in order to verify their compliance with current regulations and to guarantee ongoing training, ensuring that they are adequately informed on how they can improve [...]

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Grana Padano > History > CHIARAVALLE ABBEY CHIARAVALLE ABBEY The community of the Cistercians The community of the Cistercians THE CISTERCIANS The Cistercian monastic order was founded in Citeaux, France, in 1098. Its founder, Robert de Molesme, together with a group of monks, wanted to restore strict compliance with the Rule of Saint Benedict, at a time when the communities of the [...]