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Grana Padano > Grana Padano PDO > Nutritional properties Nutritional properties Thanks to Grana Padano’s raw materials, it has great nutritional qualities. ... Nutrition facts - Amount per 100g Compound Unit Media Water g 32 Total amount of Proteins g 33 Total amount of Amino acids g 6,0 Fat g 29 Saturated fatty acid g [...]

THE WORLD’S 50 BEST RESTAURANTS 2019, 2019 June 22 - 2019 June 26, grana padano

Grana Padano possesses unique nutritional features such as quality proteins, vitamins and mineral salts, especially calcium.

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Grana Padano Consortium and Rava Foundation

Specifically, the Consortium has always been concerned with nutritional issues and nutritional education and is committed to setting up the Grana Padano Nutrition Centre : a ward for treating malnutrition and related diseases, thereby offering children a real chance of life in a country where one in three children do not reach the age of [...]

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