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  Goals To disseminate the principles of balanced nutrition. ... To provide the medical community with useful information and tools to improve nutritional counselling and disseminate the principles of primary and secondary prevention.

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A food with high nutritional value Everyone knows about the nutritional importance of milk in human nutrition.

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The result was a hard cheese, the flavour of which developed and matured with time, preserving the nutritional properties of the milk and the precious raw material from which it was made. ... The folk tradition Grana Padano’s rich nutritional properties, its long shelf-life and its distinctive characteristics and flavour meant that it became an [...]

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Grana Padano > History > CHIARAVALLE ABBEY CHIARAVALLE ABBEY The community of the Cistercians The community of the Cistercians THE CISTERCIANS The Cistercian monastic order was founded in Citeaux, France, in 1098. Its founder, Robert de Molesme, together with a group of monks, wanted to restore strict compliance with the Rule of Saint Benedict, at a time when the communities of the [...]

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Responsible taste > Animal welfare Animal welfare Care for animal wellbeing The living conditions of the dairy herds Regulations Labelling Care for animal wellbeing The “Grana Padano PDO system” has always paid great attention to the quality of its production and to the everyday measures it takes to achieve this quality, thus ensuring the consumer a healthy and genuine product. [...]

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Grana Padano > Nutritional values and calories Nutritional values and calories When goodness is good for you Our cheese is truly an ideal food for everyone. ... Grana Padano DOP contains milk proteins which have been greatly concentrated, due to the long ageing, and improved from a nutritional viewpoint.

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