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  The Decree of the President of the Italian Republic On October 30, 1955 the Decree of the President of the Italian Republic, no. 1269: " Recognition of desig-nations covering production methods, product characteristics and production areas of cheeses", including Grana Padano , was issued.... A food with high nutritional [...]

Grana Padano and wild garlic pesto Pappardelle, Entrees, recipes with italian cheese

Pesto the quintessential Italian dressing for pastas, salads, meats, fishes and basically whatever else you want! ... You only reach the right consistency if the pasta has been worked hard enough to allows the gluten molecules to break down, the dough’s elasticity is very important for the final result.

Risotto with zucchini and stuffed blossoms

There is no translation for this Italian word. ... A right combination of colors is always very important.

Sunday roast pork with artichokes and Grana Padano Riserva

This is what Italian grandmothers used to call the dish par excellence for a festive Sunday lunch. ... An important dish, rich, also because, in the past, the meat was reserved for the holidays.

Gnocchi with meat ragù and Grana Padano petals

The Italian phrase can be translated as, “To make the little shoe.... The important thing is to know the rules, then, at home, everyone will be free to do their best, right?

Ambrosi SpA, grana padano, Production sites

» This is how Giuseppe Ambrosi, president and CEO of Ambrosi Spa, the dairy group of Castenedolo (Brescia) which ranks at the top of the premium segment in the traditional Italian cheese market, comments on the performance of one of its flagship products. ... The internationalisation process continued with the most recent acquisition, by the Ambrosi Uk [...]

Gulfood 2020, 2020 February 16 - 2020 February 20, grana padano

Media > Events > Events > Gulfood 2020 Gulfood 2020 Dubai 02.16.2020 - 02.20.2020 Grana Padano together with AFIDOP, the PDO Italian cheese association, at the 25°th edition of Gulfood in Dubai from the 16°th to the 20th° of February. ...  Gulfood fair is the most important show of the Middle East with 5,000 exhibitors from [...]


The collegiate presence of the most important Italian cheeses has also allowed us to show the great wealth of our dairy sector and the importance of PDO products. ... The collaboration with complementary and non-competitive cheeses, already started with other experiences, is important to [...]

EXPO 2015 - Cibus è Italia, 2015 May 01, grana padano

Media > Events > Events > EXPO 2015 - Cibus è Italia EXPO 2015 - Cibus è Italia Expo - Milano 05.01.2015 The Italian food journey begins in the "white dairy area", where AFIDOP (Associazione Formaggi Italiani DOP - Italian PDO Cheese Association) presents the two Italian "big" cheeses, Grana Padano and [...]

THE WORLD’S 50 BEST RESTAURANTS 2019, 2019 June 22 - 2019 June 26, grana padano

Created nearly 1000 years ago in Northern Italy in the Pianura Padana (Po River Valley), Grana Padano PDO cheese is produced following the same traditional methods in compliance to strict Production Specifications, becoming not only the world’s best-selling PDO cheese but one of the most loved products in Italy. ... Both China and Italy, in fact, are [...]

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