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This occasion saw "Grana Lodigiano," which later became today's " Grana Padano ," and "Parmigiano-Reggiano" cheese formally recognized....     PDO recognition In 1996, GRANA PADANO obtained Protected Designation of Origin recognition by the European Union. ... [...]

Latteria Sociale Mantova Società Agricola Cooperativa, grana padano, Production sites

Antonio di Porto Mantovano (MN) tel. 0376 390808 - fax 0376 396250 Production site of the Dairy Number MN437 : Strada Rodone, 13 46045 Marmirolo (MN) Production site of the Dairy Number MN473 : Via Mattarella, 2 46030 S.Biagio di Bagnolo S.Vito (MN) The Latteria Sociale Mantova dairy was founded in 1929 as a central dairy for the supply of pasteurized milk to [...]

Latteria Sociale Ca' De' Stefani Soc. Coop. Agrico, grana padano, Production sites

The cheese-making room has been recently built and here we can see the wheels that have just been taken out of the cauldrons hanging from conveyor belts, passing over our heads on their way to the facility where they will be placed in special moulds. ... Each door opens onto a room filled with tall shelves stacked floor to ceiling with Grana [...]

Latteria Soresina Soc. Coop. Agricola, grana padano, Production sites

Continuous and significant efforts were made to expand, in order to manage larger milk supplies and increase production through the creation of new plant facilities with new equipment and new storehouses. ... At the same time, assistance was provided to the dairy farms supplying the milk, testing facilities were set up, great efforts were made to achieve [...]

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A hearty dish, usually served with melted butter or meat sauce, depending on the various local versions of the recipe, all made with stale grated bread, broth and heaps of Grana Padano PDO! ... The Santangiolina cheese dairy has been operating since the early 1900s and only produces Grana Padano PDO, with a set of values [...]

Latteria Cooperativa Goitese Società Agricola Coop, grana padano, Production sites

”   The dairy currently produces 134 wheels of Grana Padano per day but the idea is to expand in the near future, which is why work has begun on the construction of a new ageing storehouse and in the last few years they have built a new brining facility with greater capacity.

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Behind the castle is the dairy which produced Grana Padano until 2005 and has now fallen into disuse. From the outside we can see the area where the truck once came to unload the churns, and inside, in the upper part of the facility, the area where the skimming tanks used to be is still visible, along with the holes underneath it, where the [...]

Agricoltori Riuniti Cremonesi Mantovani - A.R.CRE.MAN. S.A.C., grana padano, Production sites

Time has radically changed the structure of the dairy farms; technology has led to cleaner facilities and a stronger focus on the welfare of the animals. ... This dairy produces 40 wheels of Grana Padano every day, including Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays when its employees work in shifts with passion and self-sacrifice.

Società Cooperativa Croce Grossa, grana padano, Production sites

After going through the two rooms used as brining facilities, we reach the 'kitchen' where they make Grana Padano!

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Consortium > Production sites Production sites The Grana Padano Protection Consortium brings together producers geographically distributed in: Lombardia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna,Trentino Alto Adige and Piemonte. ...   In addition, the Consortium also includes: authorised facilities for portioning Grana [...]

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