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It was made so as to preserve the surplus milk produced each day, using special cauldrons, within monasteries, which can as such be considered the first dairies. The monks called it caseus vetus , or 'old cheese'.

Rolled Meatloaf stuffed with mushrooms and Grana Padano cheese

Recipes > Recipes > Main courses > Rolled Meatloaf stuffed with mushrooms and Grana Padano cheese Printable version Rolled Meatloaf stuffed with mushrooms and Grana Padano cheese Meatloaf is a fabulous dish. ... The first dish to write on the list is the main course (this meatloaf could be a great [...]

Sunday lasagna, with ragù and ricotta

Here are some guidelines First of all, decide the day, and check your kitchen equipment....   Pasta preparation Pasta preparation Dish preparation Dish preparation

Grana Padano and wild garlic pesto Pappardelle, Entrees, recipes with italian cheese

Subtle garlicy taste, not as strong or pungent as you would think, is a burst of flavor and when I first found out that is so commonly spread around green areas all over the UK I couldn’t be happier and so I put it to the best use I know, extra virgin olive oil and Grana Padano cheese pesto. ... You can store the pesto in the fridge for up to 2 weeks [...]

Sunday roast pork with artichokes and Grana Padano Riserva

Fill the artichokes with the blended bread, cheese and herbs, then arrange them on an oven proof dish with largely diced and blanched potatoes. ... For the first 10 minutes, cover with aluminum foil, then uncover.

Gnocchi with meat ragù and Grana Padano petals

After browning the vegetables, replace the meat into the dish. ... When soft, you can give different shapes to the slices of cheese.


He also tells us that the PDO cheese is the main ingredient in many characteristic local dishes, such as “anolini in broth”, “pisarei e fasoi” (pasta and bread crumbs small gnocchi with borlotti beans), and “Piacenza-style tortelli with ricotta and spinach”. ... We then go into the shaping room, where the [...]

Grana Padano PDO rind “Cutlet”, Main courses, recipes with italian cheese

A unique dish that’s worth a try. ... Serve this broth as a first course with pasta or use as a base to prepare a soup.

Pasta Primavera, Entrees, recipes with italian cheese

Grana Padano’s rich flavor and flaky texture make it the perfect choice for this dish! ... Drop pasta into boiling water and stir well the first minute to keep the pasta from sticking together.

Stuffed Artichokes, Starters, recipes with italian cheese

Peel and trim the stem of the first artichoke, reserve the stem, and put artichoke and stem in the lemon water. ... Tent the dish with foil, and bake for about 30 minutes.

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