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  It was not, however, until April 10, 1954, that Italy established some rules on the "Protection of Designa-tions of origins of cheeses".... Following the changes brought about by this recognition, the control functions - which consist of verifying whether the conditions laid down in the Production Regulations that give the [...]

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We meet Giuseppe Santus, who tells us that the Scala dairy was established in 1890 by his great-grandfather Angelo Scala. ... But despite the drive towards technology, we are very keen to keep traditions unchanged, in strict compliance with regulations and with particular attention to quality.

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Cheese structure:  the official regulations for both cheeses establish that they should have a grainy consistency which breaks down into flakes. ... For example, unlike generic cheese products, DOP products are required to:  a) Use only milk originating exclusively from the area of origin [...]

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With the introduction of rules and regulations for production, the cattle diet changed and as a result the quality of the milk improved considerably. ... And this ensured that they have always had an excellent product!

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As such, in accordance with the laws regulating this status, it has to meet the requirements of the Product Specifications, drafted by the Consortium. The Product Specifications establish the standard procedures for all the stages of milk processing leading to the manufacturing of Grana Padano.

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Finally, more and more farmers opt for unifeed, a single forage mix - always the same – whose components must comply with the rules established by the Product Specifications. ... - The effective exclusion of banned forages. - Compliance with sanitary regulations.

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Responsible taste > Animal welfare Animal welfare Care for animal wellbeing The living conditions of the dairy herds Regulations Labelling Care for animal wellbeing The “Grana Padano PDO system” has always paid great attention to the quality of its production and to the everyday measures it takes to achieve this quality, thus ensuring the [...]

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In fact, in Regulation (EC) n. 1107/96 of the Commission, which recognised the PDO GRANA PADANO, unlike what was decided for other compound names, with reference to GRANA PADANO there is no wording aimed at limiting the granted protection to the whole designation but protects also the single terms. Consequently, the name "GRANA" also fully benefits from the [...]

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The production technique of "grana" has been handed down, remaining faithful to its traditional process, which is still being used to this day. ... Additionally, it was also to publicise and promote the cheese, through education about its properties; initiatives and activities in order to support local production; regulating [...]

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These recommendations provided the criteria for the establishment of the five French mother abbeys.

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