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Media > Glossary > Curd Curd Curd is obtained by adding whey starter and rennet to the milk to make it coagulate. After coagulation, the curd becomes a semi-solid mass.

Production phases

Breaking of the curd The curd is then broken with a giant whisk (spino), while the heating of the curd and the cooking continues, until the temperature reaches 53-56° C. (127-136° F) Settling The heating process stops whilst the curd grains settle at the bottom of the cauldron. Resting Whilst the temperature is kept [...]

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  Once the milk has curdled after a natural whey starter and calf rennet have been added and heated to 31°C-35°C, the curd is chopped with a giant whisk (“Spino”).

Annie and Pad, grana padano

In this way, the curd  breaks into countless small granules. ...   Pad checks that the milk has coagulated perfectly and then, carefully breaks down the curd with a special giant whisk called "spino”.

Giant whisk, grana padano

Media > Glossary > Giant whisk Giant whisk The spino, which looks like a giant whisk is the traditional tool used by the cheesemaker to break the curd.

Cheesecloth, grana padano

In the cheese factory, these cloths are used during the last phases of the milk processing phase: after the curd has been broken and the mixture has been cooked and left to rest under the whey, the first curd mass of Grana Padano is lifted using a large wooden shovel, then “collected” in the cheesecloth.

Fattorie Cremona Produttori Latte Associati Cremona S.C.A., grana padano, Production sites

As we speak, we walk into the dairy where Martino is literally besieged by his old workmates and he begs them to let him take the curd out of one of the cauldrons.

Caseificio Zucchelli Srl, grana padano, Production sites

However, the canonical respect for the hand-made production of the cheese, with all the expertise of the cheesemaker, i.e. the “spinatura” (breaking of the curd), mixing, cooking, resting extraction of the wheels, does not mean one has to renounce innovations to ease the manual work: in the Zucchelli Dairy, automated systems for de-creaming the milk and dosing it [...]

Caseificio Europeo Società Agricola Cooperativa, grana padano, Production sites

 These large vats are used to contain the milk which will be transformed into curd and from which two "twin" wheels per vat will be extracted from them at the end of the cheese making process.

Ambrosi SpA, grana padano, Production sites

Cutting of the curd Cutting of the curd HIGH QUALITY IS ESSENTIAL The Ambrosi Group has always paid great attention to the quality of Grana Padano and other PDO products by developing a different production chains that segment the offer, for example also thanks to the certification of Halal products, and offer the consumer various choice options.

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