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For over sixty years, it has united producers, maturing companies and distributors of our cheese, guaranteeing compliance with the traditional recipe and high quality in every single cheese wheel produced. ... Belonging to the Consortium are 129 producers, 153 maturing companies and 160 packagers and graters geographically spread through the regions of [...]

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We are also reminded of the devastating earthquake that struck Emilia and the lowlands of Lombardy in 2012, which caused serious damage to the dairy. ... Half the cheese was recovered. ... There are almost 200 collaborators, including direct and external employees. 194 associated farms and 600.000 litres of milk that are processed every day in 3 [...]

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It is attained by constantly investing effort and resources in research and in the application of current regulations, while also valorising every aspect of the productive process, from the field and the stable to the cheese factory, and on to the maturing and packaging processes. The path to producing Grana Padano PDO starts from the field, with the [...]

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Consortium > Production sites Production sites The Grana Padano Protection Consortium brings together producers geographically distributed in: Lombardia, Veneto, Emilia Romagna,Trentino Alto Adige and Piemonte. ...   In addition, the Consortium also includes: authorised facilities for portioning Grana Padano PDO cheese and approved facilities for [...]

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