Dairy Number: MN407 Via Brasiglia, 325 46030 - Romanore di Borgo Virgilio (MN) tel. 0376 648090 - fax 0376 648090 Caseificio Fratelli De Cao, one of the smallest cheese factories producing Grana Padano PDO, is located in Borgo Virgilio, in the province of Mantua, near the Po River. ... It is an ancient, effective method and there is [...]

Caseificio Sociale Gardalatte Soc.

The President of Gardalatte describes how the cheese factory is the central hub of a network of dairy farmers who supply it with milk. ... Its next goal is to implement a project for installing a serum concentrator which will reduce the consumption of water in the cheese factory by recycling used water.

Bresciangrana s.r.l., grana padano, Production sites

., the factory that has been producing Grana Padano cheese under matriculation number BS615 since 1998. ... In 2006, Silvio and Sergio joined the management team of Bresciangrana S.r.l., then a much smaller cheese factory than it is today.

Consorzio Cooperativo Produttori Latte s.c.a., grana padano, Production sites

He was thoroughly delighted when his son decided to follow in his footsteps and started working in the same cheese factory. ... The cheese factory also conducted an animal welfare assessment, designed by the zoo-prophylactic institute in Brescia, of its milk suppliers, which confirmed that all farms comply with the required [...]


The milk comes from producers located within 3 km of the cheese factory, and from dairy farms with animal welfare certification. Production takes place 7 days a week, and the cheese-making process, which starts at 5 in the morning, is in the capable hands of the head cheesemaker.

Latteria Sociale Ca' De' Stefani Soc.

He takes us on a tour of the cheese factory whose milk is supplied by 25 dairy farms located within a range of around 40 kilometres. ... “Grana Padano has always been part of my life; in the late 1920s my grandfather built a cheese dairy on his farm.

Casearia Bresciana Ca.Bre S.C.A., grana padano, Production sites

Today we are with Arturo Ginelli, the cheese factory’s manager, and Ugo Ferrari, its quality manager. ... Cavagnini, whose dairy farm in Manerbio is one of the cheese factory’s milk suppliers.

Latteria Agricola del Po Società Agricola Cooperativa, grana padano, Production sites

What is immediately striking about the Latteria Agricola del Po cheese factory is the impact of the strong natural light, which envelops the production areas, the basins where the cream rises which are still in use despite the factory’s large production volumes and the vast spaces used for ageing the wheels where aromas and flavours [...]

Grana Padano for Kids, grana padano

We are milked twice a day, and our milk is taken to the cheese factory.   Luckily, a super-expert in Grana Padano cheese works there...

Lattegra Industria Casearia SpA, grana padano, Production sites

At that time, the factory produced 4 wheels a day with milk coming exclusively from their barn. ...   The barn located right in front of the cheese factory houses about 900 milking cows fed by lands planted with corn, alfalfa and grasslands.

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