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  Cinzia is moved when she tells us about her cheese factory, inherited from her father who loved this work so much and who, in the past, just to make cheese, had created a small processing room at home. He was the expert; just looking at the milk he understood if it was good for his cheese and then with experience and [...]

Grana Padano cheese factory, grana padano, Production sites

Consortium > Production sites > Grana Padano cheese factory Grana Padano cheese factory Matricola: BO203 Via Paolo Canali, 8, 40127 Bologna (BO)   Discover Grana Padano cheese factory at FICO Eataly World 

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A cheese that is definitely never in short supply here. In fact, for many years, Cerata has been home to a cheese factory that produces a considerable quantity.

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In the early days, when Rino was the President of the dairy, the cheese still didn’t have protected origin certification, which was obtained in 1954, and wasn’t called Grana Padano PDO as it is now, but changed its name according to the season in which it was produced: the cheese made from 11 November to 11 April was called [...]

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Media > Fico Eataly World > Opening Opening GRANA PADANO PDO WITH A REAL CHEESE FACTORY.

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From that day forward, the cheese factory has been specialising mainly in the production of PDO cheeses such as Grana Padano and Asiago, both fresh and aged. ... Today, the Casona Pozzolene cheese factory is equipped with a quality system constantly controlled by an internal laboratory and by high hygiene [...]

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  It becomes increasingly clear during our visit that, here, technology and tradition coexist well in this modern cheese factory. ... In other words, this cheese factory is continually transforming but always takes careful consideration of those who work with it.

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In fact, the Ballottara cheese factory was active from 1963 to 1982. ... Valentino reminds us that working in a cheese factory means marrying a lifestyle, because production never stops, not even when a tornado damages the roof of the maturing storehouse.


Over the years, in a huge area, it has built a cheese dairy, a warehouse, offices and a factory shop open to the public, currently employing a total of 22 people workers. ... The pride and joy of the factory shop is the Grana Padano PDO cheese matured for over 30 months, a product that makes the Santa Vittoria [...]

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  In the late 50s, Ermanno, the seventh of his ten children, was sent to manage a Grana Padano cheese factory they had bought in the province of Brescia. ... ”   The milk they use comes from dairy farms situated within 20 kilometres from the cheese factory, and two of these farms have been supplying them [...]

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