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Media > Glossary > Casein label Casein label The casein label is a small disc containing an alphanumeric code, used to identify every single wheel of Grana Padano PDO. The casein label is placed on the flat side of the wheel a few hours after it has been produced, when still in the moulding phase, so that it becomes an [...]

Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano - Particular aspects and specifications, Italian cheese

On top of this, Grana Padano DOP, unlike Parmigiano Reggiano DOP and Trentingrana, must observe a regulation parameter establishing that its fat/casein ratio in the boiler must be between 0.80 and 1.05.

Caseine plate, grana padano, Italian cheese

> Caseine plate Caseine plate This plate is placed on the flat surface of the wheel during the molding process, so that it engraves its mark on the rind.

Production phases

Casein Plate Then a casein plate, with a specific ID code is placed on the top face of the wheel, this is crucial when identifying the traceability of each wheel.

Grana Padano for Kids, grana padano

Pad, meanwhile, has added a casein plaque on the flat top of the cheese.

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