Enjoy Grana Padano by Itself

“Riserva” is perfect when combined with aged balsamic vinegar and the usual accompaniments for cheese and salami platters: honeys, jams and fruit chutneys. ... “Riserva” is perfect when combined with aged balsamic vinegar and the usual accompaniments for cheese and salami platters: honeis, jams and [...]

Grana Padano and bubbly

It is an excellent combination because it counterbalances the sensation of fattiness and helps perceive the “grainy texture” of the cheese, which is savoury but never pungent. GRANA PADANO PDO "RESERVE" We suggest combining this cheese with a Champagne of substance, with the first fermentation carried [...]

Genola Latte SpA, grana padano, Production sites

In the 2000s the dairy underwent revolutionary change once again: 12 more cauldrons were installed in the cheese-making room, bringing their total number to 20, and milk skimming silos were introduced along with many computerized procedures which enabled tradition to be combined with innovation, resulting in a better quality product and improved working [...]

An authentic taste

<br>Cut the cheese into small pieces shortly before serving to stop them drying out. ... Perhaps combined with a fruit that is just as sweet, like pears?

Latteria Agricola del Po Società Agricola Cooperativa, grana padano, Production sites

What is immediately striking about the Latteria Agricola del Po cheese factory is the impact of the strong natural light, which envelops the production areas, the basins where the cream rises which are still in use despite the factory’s large production volumes and the vast spaces used for ageing the wheels where aromas and flavours mature up to 48 months. ... When the [...]

Friulian style potato gnocchi with Grana Padano fondue, Entrees, recipes with italian cheese

  Variety:  Gnocchi Ingredients Gnocchi: 1000 g potato 4 yolks 100 g flour Salt Fondue: 500 g fresh cream 250 g Grana Padano Gnocchi filling: 65 g fresh ricotta cheese 35 g dried figs 35 g sultanas 35 g quince jam 35 g prunes 30 g pear pulp 50 g dark chocolate 2 tbsp pear grappa 1 tbsp cocoa powder Preparation Gnocchi: Bake the potatoes at 130 degrees in the oven [...]

Lattegra Industria Casearia SpA, grana padano, Production sites

  The ongoing research of the quality-efficiency combination has led the company to apply an integrated quality system that concerns both the hygiene-sanitary aspect and certification according to regulations with related product traceability, from the land, to milk production, to the subsequent transformation into Grana Padano PDO. ...   The barn located right in [...]

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