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If the wheels pass all the tests, they will be fire-branded, which guarantees the "safe, fair and merchantable quality" required for Grana Padano PDO. ... PROTEINS 100 g of Grana Padano PDO contains, on average, 33 g of protein, which makes Grana Padano cheese naturally high in protein.

Caseificio Ferretti srl, grana padano, Production sites

He was the expert; just looking at the milk he understood if it was good for his cheese and then with experience and knowledge, he turned it into wheels of perfect cheese with an unmistakable aroma. ... Right from the start they did not leave her alone, rather they gave her constant support in her pursuit of high levels of [...]

EXPO 2015 - Identità Golose, 2015 May 01, grana padano

Media > Events > Events > EXPO 2015 - Identità Golose EXPO 2015 - Identità Golose Expo - Milano 05.01.2015 "High quality" catering area with internationally famous chefs who take turns to present Grana Padano cheese in original recipes and show the world what a versatile and unique cheese it is.

EXPO 2015 - Cibus è Italia, 2015 May 01, grana padano

Media > Events > Events > EXPO 2015 - Cibus è Italia EXPO 2015 - Cibus è Italia Expo - Milano 05.01.2015 The Italian food journey begins in the "white dairy area", where AFIDOP (Associazione Formaggi Italiani DOP - Italian PDO Cheese Association) presents the two Italian "big" cheeses, Grana Padano and Parmigiano Reggiano. The presence of Grana Padano [...]

Grana Padano Press Campaign 2005-2007

Media > Advertising > Press > Grana Padano Press Campaign 2005-2007 Grana Padano Press Campaign 2005-2007 The new creativity for the US press recounts Grana Padano as an authentic, high quality and versatile product to be consumed as a table cheese, but also as an appetiser or after dinner.

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Consortium > Activities, protection and promotions Activities, protection and promotions The aim of Grana Padano Protection Consortium is to make sure that the traditional recipe of Grana Padano PDO is strictly followed and that its high quality standards are rigorously met for each and every wheel of cheese produced. ... Among its tasks, [...]

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"The consortium for the protection of Grana Padano cheese is a clear example of Italian excellence, and I'm proud to partner with such an authentic, high-quality and traditional Italian PDO product, which also is the best-selling PDO product worldwide .

Lisozyme & Grana Padano PDO

The milk produced for fresh milk, even of high quality, or to make soft cheese, comes from cows which are often fed with silage/preserved fodder, but clostridia need time to mature, so they haven’t got the time to develop in fresh milk or soft cheeses.   The milk for the production of Grana Padano PDO [...]

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Only the milk produced by certain dairy farms is selected so as to obtain high quality starter whey, which is also regularly analysed to always make sure that a good product is being used, a key factor for the cheese to be a success! ... In 2000, the cheese-making room was renovated and fitted with automated equipment.

Caseificio Sociale Casona di Pozzoleone S.c.a., grana padano, Production sites

From that day forward, the cheese factory has been specialising mainly in the production of PDO cheeses such as Grana Padano and Asiago, both fresh and aged. ... Today, the Casona Pozzolene cheese factory is equipped with a quality system constantly controlled by an internal laboratory and by high hygiene [...]

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