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Consortium > Production sites > Grana Padano cheese factory Grana Padano cheese factory Matricola: BO203 Via Paolo Canali, 8, 40127 Bologna (BO)   Discover Grana Padano cheese factory at FICO Eataly World 

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  Furthermore, the farm not only produces Grana Padano PDO, but also fresh pork, cuts of meat such as chops, bacon and various kinds of local salamis and sausages and traditional Mantuan products, masterfully crafted as only artisanally made products can be. ...   Brothers Giovanni and Giuseppe De Cao’s small [...]

Caseificio Ghidetti srl, grana padano, Production sites

Back in the day, the dairy started with Provolone cheese but year after year, with passion and sacrifice, he was able to diversify into a wider range of products, which since 2010 also include Grana Padano PDO. ...  The milk used to produce Grana Padano comes from farms located in the provinces of [...]

Aziende Agricole Garbelli sa, grana padano, Production sites

There to meet us is Andrea Garbelli, a smiling thirty-five year-old farmer who guides us through the activities of his modest but extraordinary Grana Padano production process. ... Here, every single day, more or less, circa 10 rounds of Grana Padano are produced.

Caseificio Borgonovo Snc, grana padano, Production sites

The Grana Padano you can taste here has the flavour of a local product, the kind you cannot find in supermarkets, and it is almost as if the cheese has a proud texture too! ... Aren’t these really the features of a great Grana Padano cheese?

Tomasoni F.lli snc, grana padano, Production sites

” Their small dairy has been producing Grana Padano since the fifties, at the rate of about four wheels per day. ...   The products they make are: Grana Padano, as well as robiola , crescenza , mozzarella , yoghurt and ricotta .

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Grana Padano > Production process > Where Grana Padano comes from Where Grana Padano comes from Only specific provinces and regions in Italy are able to produce Grana Padano cheese. ...   Grana Padano [...]

Caseificio Scala Srl, grana padano, Production sites

” It was my grandfather who introduced Grana Padano production, and he was also one of the founders of the Protection Consortium. Initially the dairy also made Fontina, for as long as it was legally permitted, as well as Gorgonzola and Provolone, but eventually it decided to focus exclusively on the production of [...]

Agr. a mutualità prevalente, grana padano, Production sites

Consortium > Production sites > Soc. ... Ruggero has been a member of the board of the Grana Padano Protection Consortium for several years and is satisfied with the work done, which resulted in Grana Padano being exported and turned into the world’s most popular PDO product, giving [...]

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