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The Santangiolina cheese dairy has been operating since the early 1900s and only produces Grana Padano PDO, with a set of values based on artisan production, but always up to date with the times. ... Here in Cereta, approximately 9.000 tons of milk are processed every day, with a production capacity of 40,000 wheels of [...]

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Consortium > Production sites > Caseificio Ferretti srl Caseificio Ferretti srl Dairy Number: BS631 Via Verolanuova, 72/74 25034 - Orzinuovi (BS) tel. 030 942741 - fax 030 944239 caseificio.ferretti@virgilio.it When we arrive in Orzinuovi, at the Ferretti cheese factory, Cinzia greets us exclaiming: “Stanno cavando” thus announcing the moment when the twin wheels [...]

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Media > Press area > Press kit > Grana Padano and the Protection Consortium Grana Padano and the Protection Consortium This document is about: Grana Padano's age-old history Protection and Promotion Aim and role of the Grana Padano Protection Consortium [...]

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Consortium > Production sites > Latteria Sociale Stallone Soc. ... These are called “Terre Verdiane”, the lands of Verdi, where the predominant form of land use is farming and the production of Grana Padano PDO.

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Consorzio Tutela Grana Padano will again share a space with the Prosecco DOC Consortium. ... Furthermore, on 20th June, Chef Francesco Mazzei will attend, delighting guests by preparing one dish based on Grana Padano with Emily Harman, Master of Wine.

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One of these distinguished cheeses is Grana Padano. Grana Padano can be eaten in many different ways and can make a difference.

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It is therefore in the very heart of the Grana Padano production, which extends along the Po Valley and includes 32 provinces, from Piedmont to Veneto, from Trento to Piacenza; today, production is concentrated in 13 provinces.... Processing stages Only Italian milk from the production area [...]

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