Corn nachos and Grana Padano with spicy tomato sauce

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Corn nachos and Grana Padano with spicy tomato sauce


. Difficulty: Easy . Serves: 4 people . Preparation time: 20 minutes
Lactose free Lactose free
Gluten free Gluten free


250 g yellow cornmeal
50 g Grana Padano
500 ml water
1 bunch of parsley
Vegetable oil

For the spicy tomato sauce
400 ml tomato purée
1 onion
1 fresh chilli pepper
2 tbsp vinegar
1 tsp sugar
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt & pepper


In a bowl, mix the yellow cornmeal with the grated Grana Padano and a pinch of salt. Slowly pour in the water while mixing with a fork, until the dough is soft but not sticky. Shape the dough into a brick and set aside to rest for 20-30 minutes.
Roll the dough with a rolling pin in between two sheets of floured parchment paper until it is just a few millimetres thick. Use a pastry ring to cut out discs (15-cm diameter), divide the discs in half and then in quarters and cut the quarters in half, to obtain six slices, and brush them with vegetable oil.
Coat the nachos with flour, put them on a baking tray lined with parchment paper and bake in a preheated oven at 200 °C for 10-15 minutes, until golden and crispy.
Meanwhile, to make the sauce, sauté the onion in a non-stick pan with a drizzle of olive oil. Add the halved chilli pepper and sauté for a few more minutes. Add in the tomato purée, vinegar, sugar and cook for 10-15 minutes. Season with salt and pepper and a few drops of Tabasco.
Seve the nachos with the spicy sauce, sprinkled with fresh parsley and Grana Padano shavings.