Grana Padano

Grana Padano: a unique product.
No other type of dairy product can use the term “grana”, which is why the name of this Italian cheese should always be given in full: Grana Padano.

But when a food’s qualities set it apart, when it becomes known and loved across the world, and when the name – Grana Padano – is used by so many people, it becomes an example of excellence, a byword for a whole category of cheeses. Here at the Consortium, though, we believe in the importance of names, and we work to make sure they are respected. Because Grana Padano PDO is much more than a name: it is the story of an exceptional cheese, the story of centuries of tradition, passion and craftsmanship.


True excellence requires few ingredients. Rennet, lysozyme, salt and the highest quality milk combine to create something magical.


The differing flavours of Grana Padano come from the ageing process. Different time periods, different ways to experience the wait.

How to Recognise it

Only the best wheels receive the fire brand, the official symbol that identifies Grana Padano PDO.

How to Taste it

There are a range of ways to experience Italian flavour. Because tasting Grana Padano is always a unique experience.

Presentation and Preservation

Everything starts with the right knife

Grana Padano is perfect for a shared aperitivo or at the end of a meal before the fruit.
To serve a cheeseboard with Grana Padano, you need a typical cheese knife. The tagliagrana (teardrop knife) is a knife with a short, robust blade that is ideal for slicing individual flakes of Grana Padano. To do this, the cheese should not be cut, but rather “carved” into pieces of similar size, bringing out all the fragrance and aroma of the product.

The subtle, delicate cut of the “affettagrana” blade

The “affettagrana” blade (or Grana slicer) allows you to cut ultra thin slices. For example, ultra-thin cheese “petals” to be placed on top of your dish, enriching the dish without compromising its balance.

The unmistakable style of Italian food heritage

The grater is one of the main tools used to enjoy Grana Padano at its best. This classic symbol of Italian culinary tradition will magically turn its texture into a tasty, snowy powder, which will uniformly settle on your dishes with great decorative effect.

How to Store

Grana Padano is best stored in a fridge kept at temperatures around around 4° C (39° F).
It is best to not store alongside other strong-flavoured cheeses as this may compromise the integrity.
Always wrap in a cotton or hemp cloth to prevent the texture from drying out. The cloth must be moist, clean and devoid of detergents’ odours. Alternatively, you can opt for a good quality plastic freezer bag.

Where flavour and wellbeing meet

Grana Padano is not only delicious, it also contributes to your wellbeing! Discover the nutritional values of the world’s most popular PDO cheese.


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