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    Delicious sandwiches

    Group 393Easy
    Group 3824 people
    T115 min


    A mouth-watering filling, two slices of crunchy bread and an explosion of taste in your mouth: who doesn’t like sandwiches? There are so many sandwich recipes that are easy to make and today we are going to make no less than two different types. One will feature goat’s cheese and salmon, while the other one will contain prosciutto and Grana Padano. Wait and see! In just a few minutes you will be able to serve finger food that is ideal for an aperitif with friends or a buffet that will delight your guests. Additionally, If you want, you can also make a large batch of sandwiches and keep them for the next day: they are ideal to take to work for a quick and tasty lunch. Ready to bring these irresistible sandwiches to life? If so, join us in the kitchen and let’s go through all the ingredients we need.


    • 8 slices of sandwich bread
    • Rocket, as required
    • Pitted olives, as required
    • Goat’s cheese, as required
    • Lemon, as required
    • Salmon, as required
    • Smoked prosciutto, as required
    • Grana Padano, as required
    • Salt to taste
    • Pepper to taste
    • Extra virgin olive oil, as required
    • Honey to taste
    • Mustard to taste


    STEP 1

    The first thing to do is to set out all the ingredients for our sandwiches. Take the smoked salmon, cut it into thin strips and set it aside. Do the same with the ham and the goat’s cheese, which must also be cut into thin slices. Finally, cut the Grana Padano into thin flakes petals.

    STEP 2

    Now let’s prepare the bread. Remove the crust and roll it lightly with a rolling pin to flatten it gently. You can also use bread without crusts. Now toast it lightly in a frying pan or on a grill.

    STEP 3

    While the bread is toasting, it is time to start making the filling. For the first sandwich, with salmon and goat’s cheese, make an emulsion by mixing oil, salt, pepper and lemon. For the second one, mix mustard and honey to create a smooth and delicate dressing.

    STEP 4

    Let’s make up the sandwiches. Take two slices of bread and make the first sandwich by placing the goat’s cheese on the bottom one, followed by the salmon, rocket and finally the oil and lemon emulsion. For the second sandwich, place the prosciutto on the bread, followed by the Grana petals and finally a tablespoonful of honey mustard.

    STEP 5

    Cut the sandwiches into two triangles and serve them to your guests. If you want to store them to serve later, wrap them in a layer of plastic wrap and leave them in the fridge for up to 1-2 days.


    There are many different sandwiches to be prepared, but we have decided to suggest a gourmet vegetarian sandwich. Heat some butter in a frying pan and add a sliced pear. Add a dash of lemon and sugar and let it caramelise. Once ready, prepare a fondue with Grana Padano cheese, milk and a little Taleggio cheese until it is thick and creamy. Now, heat the bread, making a slight furrow with the spoon to create a small hollow, which will help hold the filling. Now it is time to assemble our sandwich: place the pears on the bread with some Grana Padano fondue and garnish with rocket, pepper and salt. Trust us, this little sandwich is sure to be a hit!


    If, on the other hand, you are looking for simpler alternatives, remember that sandwiches offer a perfect opportunity for emptying the fridge and using any leftovers you may have set aside. Seasonal vegetables, eggs, cheeses and cured meats are all perfect ingredients to mix between two slices of bread: all you have to do is choose your favourite ingredients and let your imagination run wild experimenting with lots of new and delicious recipes.