Food and drink pairings or sweet and savoury combinations are always very popular. But does a set of shared criteria for creating that ‘perfect marriage’ exist? In general, when suggesting classic or new and exciting pairings between wines, beers, cocktails and honeys, experts follow guidelines that prompt them to make matching or contrasting choices.

What is the best wine to pair with Grana Padano cheese?

If you want to pair Grana Padano cheese with a good glass of wine at a tasting session, choosing a wine with aromas and flavours that complement the characteristics of the cheese is a must.

What is the best beer to pair with Grana Padano cheese

Beer and cheese gourmets can let their imagination run wild, choosing from a variety of possibilities. Cheese can bring out the aromas of many beers and the right beer can bring new nuances to the flavours of a multitude of cheeses.

What is the best honey to pair with Grana Padano cheese?

Honey is an extremely ancient food: in fact, it was the very first high energy sweet foodstuff to appear in our diet.

What is the best cocktail to pair with Grana Padano cheese?

Grana Padano cheese is the ideal party food, perfect with a delicious pre-dinner drink!
Here are some suggestions for enjoying it with a freshly made cocktail.