Puffed potatoes with carbonara and Grana Padano mousse

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Puffed potatoes with carbonara and Grana Padano mousse


. Difficulty: Easy . Serves: 4 people . Preparation time: 45 minutes and 20 minutes cooking time
Who knew that potatoes could be this sophisticated?! This recipe is just wonderful. A traditional French recipe fear by cooks and chefs worldwide that can be mastered easily with patience and practice. It goes of course without saying that I’ve added my own Italian spin on it by using these light puffed mini potatoes as parcels for a Grana Padano cheesy carbonara flavored mousse.
Think of them as the best canapes to celebrate this carbonara day in style! So impressive.

Chef tip: "Once the sliced potatoes and ready to be cooked, let them dry well spread on a tray lined with parchment for about 30 minutes before deep fat frying them. You can swap the guanciale with crispy onion or asparagus tips if you want to avoid to use pork meat."


2 large potatoes
1 egg white
40 g of corn flour
500 ml of veg oil for frying
10 thin slices of guanciale or pancetta
Salt and pepper to taste

For the carbonara mousse
3 egg yolks
60 ml of DOC Prosecco brut
30 g of finely grated Grana Padano Cheese
80 whipped cream
Salt and pepper to taste


Start by making the sabayon for the mousse. In a large stainless-steel bowl, mix well the egg yolks with the Prosecco DOC. Place the bowl on bain-marie and cook gently while whisking to create custard like sabayon. It should take about 1 minute in a large bowl. Never allow the water to reach boiling point or it will scramble the eggs. 
Once creamy remove from the heat and add the grated Grana Padano while still hot so that the remaining heat will melt the cheese. If lumpy bring the bowl back onto the boiling water for a few seconds. Let it cool and fold in gently the whipped cream and add salt and pepper to taste. The result should be a silky and indulgent Chantilly-like texture. Place the mousse into a piping bag.
Place the guanciale slices between 2 sheets of baking parchment and bake between 2 baking trays at 160 for about 12/15 minutes. This process will make them crispy while preventing them to curl up. Dry on kitchen paper.
In a small bowl whisk the egg white with the corn flour until you have a smooth paste.
Slice the potatoes as thin as you can with a kitchen mandolin. About 2mm will do it. Pat dry and brush 1 side of the slices with the corn flour paste. 
Now pair 2 sliced by the side with the paste and press well. Using a pastry cutter ring cut small circles of potatoes.
Deep fat fry in the veg oil at 180 degrees a few potatoes at the time. You will see them puff quite immediately but it is very important to keep them basting and turning them gently with the hot oil until golden and crispy. Dry on kitchen paper.
Pierce the little puffed potatoes with a pointy knife and fill them with the carbonara mousse. Top the potatoes with a little dollop of mousse, add a few crumbled pieces of crispy guanciale and finish off with grated Grana Padano cheese and black pepper.
Danilo Cortellini