Lasagna Swirls with Pumpkin, Hazelnuts, and Grana Padano

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Lasagna Swirls with Pumpkin, Hazelnuts, and Grana Padano


. Difficulty: Medium . Serves: 4/6 people . Preparation time: 60 minutes


500 g lasagne
200 g Grana Padano
1 kg pumpkin
100 g hazelnut (chopped)
1 red onion
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt & pepper

For the béchamel sauce
500 g milk
50 g butter
50 g flour Nutmeg 
Salt & pepper 


To make the béchamel sauce, melt the butter in a small saucepan over low heat, add the flour and mix well with a whisk to obtain a smooth mixture with no lumps. Stir in the milk at room temperature, then add a pinch of salt and the grated nutmeg. Cook, while constantly stirring, over low heat for 5-6 minutes, until the sauce becomes creamy.
Peel and dice the pumpkin and sauté it in a non-stick pan with a drizzle of olive oil and the chopped onion. Add a few rosemary needles, thyme, and a few chopped sage leaves, pour in a glass of water, cover with a lid, and cook over low heat for 10-15 minutes, until you can mash the pumpkin with a fork. Once cooked, add salt and pepper and leave to cool.
Boil the lasagne for a few minutes, drain, dry and grease the pasta sheets and place them on a large chopping board.
Spread a few tablespoons of béchamel on each sheet, add a few tablespoons of pumpkin puree, sprinkle with chopped hazelnuts and lots of Grana Padano.
Roll the lasagna sheets and cut each one into three parts.
Spread a few tablespoons of béchamel on the bottom of an oven dish and arrange the swirls inside it.
Sprinkle the swirls with grated Grana Padano and bake in a preheated fan oven at 200 °C for 25-30 minutes.
Serve the lasagna swirls warm.