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    Potato and Grana Padano Gnocchi with Tomato, Sage and Butter Sauce

    Group 393Medium
    Group 3824-6 people
    T450 min


    • 800 g potatoes
    • 100 g Grana Padano
    • 300 g flour
    • 1 egg
    • 600 g tomato puree
    • 1 garlic clove
    • Sage
    • Butter
    • Salt & pepper



    STEP 1

    Boil the potatoes in plenty of salted water for about 30-40 minutes from when the water starts boiling, pricking them with a fork to check they are cooked. Drain, peel, and mash the potatoes.

    STEP 2

    In a bowl, combine the mashed potatoes with the grated Grana Padano, flour, egg, and a pinch of salt and mix until you obtain a soft, compact dough. 

    STEP 3

    Form into loaf-shaped and place on a floured work surface, cut one slice at the time and roll each one into 2-cm cylinders; cut each cylinder into small gnocchi and put them onto a floured tray.

    STEP 4

    In a non-stick pan, melt a knob of butter and add a clove of garlic. Add a few leaves of sage and the tomato purée, season with salt and pepper, cover with a lid, and cook over low heat for 5-6 minutes.

    STEP 5

    Boil the gnocchi in plenty of salted water; as soon as they come to surface, remove with a skimmer spoon and briefly toss them in the pan with the sauce over high heat. Sprinkle the gnocchi with grated Grana Padano and serve warm.