Pan Brioches with Grana Padano Mousse and Onion Jam

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Pan Brioches with Grana Padano Mousse and Onion Jam


. Difficulty: Medium . Serves: 4 people . Preparation time: 2 hours


For the Pan Briohes:
200g Milk 
360g Unsalted Butter
20g Salt
1000g Flour
460g Eggs
40g Honey
15g Marsala
250g Mother dough (alternatively use dry or fresh yeast)
25g Yeast
1 Vanilla pod
1 Orange zest
1 Lemon zest
Chopped chives
1g(x brioche) Onion jam

For the mousse:
300g Mascarpone
150g Grated Grana Padano, aged 20 Months
300ml Whipped cream
Pinch of Salt
2g Nutmeg


Mix flour, yeast, mother dough, 350g eggs, 100g butter, milk, honey, marsala, vanilla, zest of orange and lemon in a large bowl.
Incorporate the remaining eggs till the mixture is nice and smooth.
Add salt and the remaining butter and mix until satin-smooth.
Leave the mixture to rise for about 1 hour in a warm place.
To form the brioche, roll out the dough into long and thin rolls. Chjop the dough into small squares and then roll the squares in the palm of your hand to form a ball.
Leave the balls to rise at 28°C until doubled in size.
Brash them with eggs and place in the oven  at 168°C for about 18/20minutes.
Remove from the oven and brash them with syrup for that golden look.
Mixthe mascarpone and Grana Padano cheese in the bowl of a food processor until smooth and creamy. Transfer to a mixing bowl.
Stir a small amount of the whipped cream into the Grana Padano mixture to lighten it. Add the remaining whipped cream and gently fold together until well combined.
Cut the brioches in halves and pipe in the Grana Padano mousse.
Top with onion jam and chopped chives.
Francesco Mazzei