avocado toast
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    Avocado toast, the recipe of the moment

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    Have you ever heard of avocado toast? It is one of the hottest recipes in recent years, beloved even by influencers and has become super popular because of its irresistible taste and because it fits a healthy lifestyle. Avocado toast is particularly good for Sunday brunch, perhaps accompanied by juice and fresh fruit salad, but it is also great as a quick lunch or appetiser for dinner with friends.
    To prepare avocado toast there are only two basic ingredients, bread and avocado, after which you can let your imagination run wild with the best combinations!

    Avocado toast quick recipe

    Want to find out how to make perfect avocado toast? Here is the recipe for 4 toasts, or 2


    Bread 4 slices
    Avocados 2 ripe
    Smoked salmon 80 g
    Eggs 4
    50 g Grana Padano DPO in flakes
    Extra virgin olive oil to taste
    Salt and pepper to taste
    Juice of half a lemon

    How to prepare avocado toast

    STEP 1

    First, cut the avocados in half, discard the kernels and remove the pulp from the skin using a spoon. Cut the pulp into thin vertical slices and set aside.

    STEP 2

    Toast the bread slices on both sides until they are nice and crispy. Arrange the avocado slices on top and season with oil, salt, pepper and lemon juice.

    STEP 3

    Cook the eggs sunny-side up, and while doing so lay a few slices of smoked salmon on the
    avocado slices.

    STEP 4

    When the eggs are ready arrange one on each slice, after which top with a few thin slivers of Grana Padano PDO. Your avocado toast is ready!

    Avocado toast alternative recipe

    Avocado toast is a super versatile recipe, in fact, you can modify it according to your taste and the ingredients we have at home. We have presented the classic avocado toast recipe, but here are some variations you can try. Guacamole toast: in this variation, the avocado is not used in slices but in a delicious guacamole sauce. What you need to do is cut the avocado into small pieces, put them in a bowl and season with salt, oil, pepper and lemon, after which reduce them to a cream using a fork. Then spread the guacamole on the bread slices and top with the other ingredients. How to cook eggs? Eggs and avocados are a perfect pair, and eggs can be cooked in many ways: not only sunny side up but also poached or hard-boiled sliced and arranged on top of bread and avocado. Instead of smoked salmon in your avocado toast, you can use smoked swordfish or tuna, or even shrimp. And if you prefer an earthy version of avocado toast, you can opt for ham or grilled chicken. And for vegetarians? Feta and cherry tomatoes go great with this recipe!

    Avocado and Grana Padano cheese

    Avocado and Grana Padano are two ingredients that look great with each other, enhancing each other and complementing each other. If you also love this delicious combination and are looking for more recipes that feature it, you are in the right place.

    You can make delicious avocado toast with Grana Padano and quail eggs,or take the classic ingredients of this recipe (avocado, egg, salmon and Grana Padano) and try them in the baked variant.

    And if you are looking for a perfect and quick topping for bruschetta and crostini, perhaps for an aperitif with friends, our avocado cream with chickpeas and Grana Padano is the recipe you need!!