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    Mini savoury Grana Padano panna cotta with fresh plum tomatoes, chopped pistachio and basil + Bellini cocktail

    4 people
    T4380 min

    Gluten free


    • 250 ml fresh cream
    • 150 ml milk
    • 7 g gelatine sheets
    • 150 g Grana Padano
    • 200 g grape tomatoes
    • pistachios
    • fresh basil
    • fresh thyme
    • extra virgin olive oil
    • salt & pepper



    STEP 1

    Soak the gelatine in cold water for about 10 minutes. Pour the cream and milk into a pan and almost bring to the boil.

    STEP 2

    Remove from the heat, add the soaked but well wrung gelatine sheets and stir with a whisk, mixing well.

    STEP 3

    Add the finely grated Grana Padano and stir until the mixture is smooth and creamy.
    Pour the mixture into individual moulds and leave to cool at room temperature, then place in the fridge for at least six hours.

    STEP 4

    Dice the tomatoes and place in a bowl with the chopped pistachios, basil and thyme. Season with salt, pepper and olive oil.

    STEP 5

    Remove the panna cotta from the moulds and serve immediately with the plum tomatoes, chopped pistachios, basil and a drizzle of olive oil, if wanted.

    Bellini Cocktail


    • Ingredients for 4 cocktails:

    • 3 peaches,
    • 50 cl chilled Prosecco.



    STEP 1

    Cut the peaches into chunks and place in a blender.
    Blend until smooth and creamy, then sieve and pour into the shaker.

    STEP 2

    Add the Prosecco and stir quickly with a spoon, then pour the cocktail into the glasses, filtering it, and serve immediately, garnishing with a few peach slices.