Fried meatballs with a heart of Grana Padano

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Fried meatballs with a heart of Grana Padano


. Difficulty: Easy . Serves: 4 people . Preparation time: 30 minutes


400 g minced veal
100 g minced beef
150 g stale bread 
150 g bread crust
8 egg yolks
200 g flour
500 g seed oil
100 g milk
50 g flakes of Grana Padano aged for over 16 months
50 g grated Grana Padano over 16 months
Salt and pepper to taste


Mix the two types of meat together and season with salt and pepper.
Soak the stale bread in milk for at least one minute.
Add it to the meat and mix well using a spoon or fork.
Add the Grana Padano to the mixture.
Prepare the meatballs (25 g each) inserting a flake of Grana Padano in the centre of each one with your finger.
Toss the finely chopped bread crust with a drizzle of olive oil in a non-stick pan, and fry until crisp. Leave to cool down.
Roll the meatballs in the flour, then in the egg and lastly in the bread crust. Fry the meatballs at 60°C for 3/4 minutes and serve in a cone of straw paper.
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