. Difficulty: Medium . Serves: 4 people . Preparation time: 2 hours and 15 minutes . Variety: Filled pasta
This recipe is taken from the Crossroad Project, that was created to promote  Grana Padano cheese and other high quality products from Lombardy in China. Crossroad is a project of the Grana Padano Protection Consortium, together with the Region of Lombardy and Unioncamere: a perfect blend of sales and cultural promotion.
The objective of this project was the promotion of quality Italian products as a versatile ingredient of ethnic cuisines, particularly those, like the Chinese, characterised by a long history of cooking traditions, just like Italian cuisine.
Italian PDO products meet the taste of foreign consumers in Italian recipes, but they can also feature successfully in fusion cooking, creating unique and different dishes.


For the stuffing:
500 gr potatoes
500 grams of herbs or spinach
150 gr parsley
200 gr leek
150 gr grated bread
100 gr  sausage
50 gr mortadella
100 gr grated Grana Padano
50 gr butter
1 egg
Salt and Pepper To Taste
For pasta:
300 gr white flour "00"
3 eggs
For seasoning:
20 gr Grana Padano Grated
40 gr butter
Salt to taste


For the stuffing (that has to be prepared the day before):
Clean and boil the potatoes, bleach, drain and chop the herbs, let them flavor in butter with leek and parsley crushed; Pass the potatoes into the sieve; In a bowl add the bread, the Grana Padano, herbs, peeled sausage, finely chopped mortadella, egg, salt and pepper. Mix well and keep the mixture in the fridge for a whole night.
Combine the flour with the eggs and salt until they get a homogeneous mixture. Roll the dough into a thin sheet and place the filling nuts at regular intervals. Cover with the other half of the leaf and cut into half moon shape using a coppapasta and press the edges firmly to seal the filling inside. Boil the casonsei in plenty of salted water for a maximum of 4 minutes, gently remove them and place them on top of a serving plate by seasoning each layer first with Grana Padano and then with melted butter; Serve immediately.