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    Baked Artichokes and Potatoes with Grana Padano

    4 people
    60 min
    Lactose Free


    6 artichokes,
    500 g new potatoes,
    100 g Grana Padano,
    1 lemon,
    1 garlic clove,
    extra virgin olive oil,
    salt & pepper.


    STEP 1

    Trim the artichokes, cut them into quarters and put in a bowl with water and lemon juice.
    Rinse the potatoes well and cut into pieces with the skins on.


    STEP 2

    In a bowl, combine 1 tablespoon of breadcrumbs, grated Grana Padano and finely chopped garlic. Add the artichokes and potatoes, mixing well, and season with salt and pepper to taste.


    STEP 3

    Grease a baking dish with a drizzle of oil and add the potatoes and artichokes; sprinkle with Grana Padano and grated lemon zest.
    Bake in a preheated oven at 180 °C for 35-40 minutes.