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    Christmas canapés

    Group 393Easy
    Group 3828 people
    T220 min


    Christmas is one of those occasions when we get together with the family to enjoy some delicious food, but more often than not we find ourselves making the same dishes every year. But what if we told you that, instead, today we have a little treasure of a recipe that will allow you to serve an original menu right from the first course? If you are looking for Christmas recipes, and all that’s missing on your menu is a tasty starter, then you must try our fantastic Christmas canapés. This is one of the quickest appetisers to prepare, with no cooking or over-complicated preparation instructions. In short, in just a few minutes you will have created a truly special dish for an aperitif that’s second to none.

    For this recipe, we decided to serve some canapés with salmon and cocktail sauce, some with a salmon mousse and others with a Grana Padano and chopped pistachio sauce. But the great thing is that we will make them all star-shaped, so they’ll look even more Christmassy. Whether you make them for the classic Christmas Eve dinner or for lunch on Christmas Day, these canapés will be sure to please everyone. Let’s make them now. We’ll start by taking a look at the ingredients we need.


    • Sandwich bread, as required
    • 200 g smoked salmon
    • 200 ml fresh cream
    • 200 g ricotta cheese
    • 10
    • Dill, as required
    • Salt to taste
    • Pepper to taste
    • 100 g Grana Padano
    • Cocktail sauce as required
    • Chopped pistachios, as required
    • Butter, as required


    STEP 1

    First of all, we’ll start with the bread. Take the sandwich bread and remove any crusts with the help of a knife. Then lightly roll out the bread with a rolling pin and, using a cookie cutter, cut out the stars. For the quantities you’ll need, you can decide how many canapés to prepare according to your menu.

    STEP 2

    Now let’s turn our attention to one of the first preparations, our salmon mousse. Mix the ricotta cheese together with 100 g smoked salmon in a blender. Add a pinch of pepper, the dill and then 100 ml of fresh whipped cream. Using a spatula, fold these into the mixture from the bottom up until it is thick and creamy.

    STEP 3

    Now we’ll move on to the Grana Padano fondue. Heat 100 ml of fresh cream in a bain-marie and then add the grated Grana Padano a little at a time, stirring well to obtain a smooth, not too liquid mixture. If you prefer, add some pepper for extra flavour.

    STEP 4

    Once you have finished preparing the tasty sauces, butter the stars and put them in the oven until they are golden brown. We’ve nearly finished: compose your canapés starting with the simplest ones, i.e. a layer of butter, the salmon you have kept aside, some dill and the cocktail sauce. For the second type, spread the bread with salmon mousse, then for the third kind, use some Grana Padano mousse and the chopped pistachios. There you have it! Your canapés are ready.


    You can make lots of elegant dishes like this one. An alternative is to use polenta to make little stars, and then put them in the oven with a layer of Grana Padano to help form a cheesy crust. You can then decorate the polenta canapés with as many ingredients as you like. If you don’t like small shapes, you can recreate the same dish in the form of sandwiches, with the classic triangular shape, perfect for pairing with creative cocktails or just a glass of wine. In short, there are lots of solutions for you to try: cheeses, cold cuts, sauces, seasonal vegetables and many other ideas. Let your imagination run wild and surprise your loved ones during the festive season with a dish they will love.