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    Grana Padano and tuna carbonara

    Group 393Einfach
    Group 3824 per.
    T115 min

    Chef Carmine Amarante


    300 g spaghetti
    8 egg yolks
    50 g Grana Padano aged for 9 to 16 months
    50 g Grana Padano aged for over 16 months
    150 g red tuna
    70 g guanciale


    STEP 1

    In a bowl, whisk together the egg yolks, pepper and both types of grated Grana Padano.
    Cook the pasta, and while it cooks, fry the guanciale until crisp. Dice the tuna and sear it lightly in a pan with a drizzle of oil.


    STEP 2

    Drain the pasta, add it to the bowl with the egg yolks, pepper and Grana Padano and stir well. Plate the pasta and serve adding the guanciale and the diced tuna on top.