Grana Padano properties

Grana Padano has many properties that set it apart from other cheeses.
The ingredients: Milk, salt and calf rennet, together with lysozyme. Lysozyme is an antibacterial enzyme naturally found in many organic substances, including egg white, breast milk, saliva and tears.
The aroma is fragrant with a delicate flavour.
The cylindrical shape: with a slightly convex or almost straight edge. The upper and lower faces are flat with slightly rimmed edges.
The rind glows natural golden yellow, while the interior is either straw-coloured or white.
The size
The diameter is between 35 and 45 cm; the heel between 18 and 25 cm, depending on the cheese-making techniques.
The weight can never be under 24 kg, but a wheel can weigh up to 40 kg.
The rind’s thickness must not exceed 8 mm and must be no less than 4 mm.
The texture is hard, with barely visible small holes and a circular, finely grained structure that breaks into slivers when cut with a knife.