How can you recognise the branding?

How can you be sure it is Grana Padano?

Re-style Logo

Grana Padano is instantly recognisable.
Each one of its wheels is characterised by its marks of origin.

Starting from September 2022, a re-styled logo has been introduced on Grana Padano packaging. The transition to the new graphics and thus the adaptation of the packaging, will require a timeframe during which consumers will still be able to find product packaging with the old logo on the market.

Even when Grana Padano has been portioned to be sold, the PDO branding will be on the packaging, making Grana Padano easily recognisable. If the PDO branding is not there, it is not Grana Padano.



If those marks are not there, then it is not Grana Padano.
These marks act as Grana Padano’s unique, personal signature: they distinguish it from any other product.
They certify its quality, its origins and its uniqueness as “traditional cheese”.

How can you recognise the branding?​

Im caseina 2

Caseine Plate

This plate is placed on the flat surface of the wheel during the molding process, so that it engraves its mark on the rind.

The plate includes:
– the “GRANA PADANO” mark,
– the ID codes of the wheel, which guarantee its traceability and indicate the production place.

Quadrifoglio 1

Quadrifoglio / Four-Leaf Clover

When the fresh curd is tightened into the moulds, the four-leaf clover is stamped on the side of the cheese.
This is the mark which certifies the origin of the wheel, including the initials of the province of production and the dairy’s registration number.
It also includes the letters DOP, (PDO – Protected Designation of Origin) the mark which shows that the cheese is produced in the area of origin identified by the law, in accordance with the Product Specifications.


Diamond Shaped Lozenges

Imprinted by the fascera during the molding process.
The rind of the wheel reads “GRANA” and “PADANO”.

The diamond shapes are printed around the entire rind, covering the entire edge of the wheel, thus allowing to identify GRANA PADANO even when sold in portions.

logo 2

Ce Mark / European Identification mark

Imprinted by the “fascera” during the moulding process.
It certifies:
The month and year of production,,
The production facility: which gives important data for health purposes

Marchiatura 2


It certifies that the wheels meet the requirements requested by the Product Specifications. Therefore the “Denominazione di Origine Protetta”, equivalent of PDO, is authentic. Without this mark, the cheese can neither be named nor be sold as Grana Padano, not even when grated or cut into portions. The “GRANA PADANO” brand was created by the Grana Padano Protection Consortium. It is registered with the Bureau International pour la Protection de la Propriété Industrielle of Bern. The brand is also registered in Italy and in many of the most important countries in the world.

The unique marks are fire-branded by the technicians of the Grana Padano Protection Consortium.


The "Riserva"

Having obtained the general fire-branding and ageing for more than 20 months, the wheels are awarded the name of RISERVA, only after having passed a further quality test. How to identify the best quality wheels: a) a grainy texture which breaks into slivers when cut by a blade; b) consistent white or straw-coloured paste; c) devoid of any abnormal odours; d) delicate with a fragrant flavour.

The rind of the wheel is branded for a second time, near the four-leafed clover mark, on the opposite side to the “Grana Padano” fire-brand. This fire-branding is applied with the same procedure used for the PDO mark.

All wheels are fire-branded by the Grana Padano Protection Consortium technicians.

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