This is a Controlled and Guaranteed Designation of Origin (DOCG) white passito wine made with raisined grapes. Made with Verduzzo Friulano grapes (known locally as Verduzzo giallo). The grapes can be dried on the vine or in special temperature-controlled rooms with forced air circulation. The wine making process frequently takes place in barrique. While no minimum ageing period is specified in the regulations, the wine is not generally sold prior to 2-3 years after the harvest.

– Recommended ageing period: 3-5 years from the release date.
– Alcohol by volume: 13% Vol.
– Made within the Nimis and Tarcento town boundaries, in the areas identified by the production specifications.
– Store in the cellar at a constant temperature of 11 to 15 °C for several years; at room temperature only for a few weeks.
– Serve at 10°C in small slightly tapered glasses.

Characteristics (visual, scent, flavour):
Golden yellow with amber highlights. The variegated bouquet of this wine opens with zagara flowers, acacia honey, dried apricot, and barley sugar in this order, followed by lighter nuances of rosemary and toasted almonds. In the mouth, its prevalent sweetness of its flavour is tempered by a refreshing tanginess.
The marked softness and sweetness of the wine is capable of balancing the savouriness of this extra mature Grana Padano. Additionally the wine’s intensity and finish, harmonises with the aromas of the cheese both on the nose and in the mouth, while the intense taste of the cheese is well balanced by the wine’s alcohol content.

Curious facts
The first legal recognition for this wine was awarded in 1992 by a decree of the Agriculture Ministry which set up the Ramandolo sub-zone within the Colli Orientali del Friuli DOC area. In 2001 it was awarded DOCG status, Friuli Venezia Giulia’s first.

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