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    Turkey stuffed with Grana Padano and speck, slowly cooked and paired with a taleggio sause

    Group 393Medium
    Group 3824 people
    T4190 min

    Chef Francesco Mazzei


    600 g Turkey breast
    400 ml vegetable broth
    200g Grana Padano PDO aged 16 months
    100 g Speck
    60 g Taleggio cheese
    350 ml milk
    Salt and pepper


    STEP 1

    Make thin slices of 16-month Grana Padano cheese, using a mandolin if possible, and stuff the turkey breast. Roll it and wrap it in speck slices, tie with coking twine, season with salt and pepper and put in the oven at 120 °C for about three hours.

    STEP 2

    When cooked take the turkey roll out of the oven, slice it and remove the cooking twine.

    STEP 3

    Melt Taleggio and 100 g Grana Padano in milk at bain-marie, until obtaining a creamy sauce that will be poured on the turkey.
    Refine with few drops of cooking juice.