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    Mexican style corn and Grana Padano salad

    4 people
    T225 min


    • 300g chicken breasts
    • 200g boiled chickpeas
    • 100 g cooked corn kernels
    • 200g Grana Padano
    • 100g guacamole sauce, or ½ avocado
    • lemon juice
    • 1 chili
    • 1 shallot and salt
    • 40ml extra-virgin olive oil
    • salt
    • chilli or cayenne pepper
    • 200g tortillas


      STEP 1

      Cut the Grana Padano into little balls with the help of a small sphere cutter. Dice the chicken breasts. Season the chickpeas and the well-drained corn kernels.




      STEP 2

      If making your own guacamole sauce, blend the pulp of half an avocado with the minced shallot and chilli, lemon juice, salt and a little olive oil.





      STEP 3

      In a non-stick pan, sauté the chopped chicken in a little olive oil for a few minutes over medium heat and season with salt and chilli pepper.



      STEP 4

      Divide all the ingredients in 4 serving bowls, keeping the warm chicken till last.
      Garnish with the little balls of Grana Padano and the tortillas and serve.