Pork meat with Franciacorta wine in Chinese cabbage rolls

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Pork meat with Franciacorta wine in Chinese cabbage rolls


. Schwierigkeitsgrad: Mittel . Menge: 4 Personen . Zubereitungsdauer: 1 hour and 20 minutes


This recipe is taken from the Crossroad Project, that was created to promote  Grana Padano cheese and other high quality products from Lombardy in China. Crossroad is a project of the Grana Padano Protection Consortium, together with the Region of Lombardy and Union Camere: a perfect blend of sales and cultural promotion.
The objective of this project was the promotion of quality Italian products as a versatile ingredient of ethnic cuisines, particularly those, like the Chinese, characterised by a long history of cooking traditions, just like Italian cuisine.
Italian PDO products meet the taste of foreign consumers in Italian recipes, but they can also feature successfully in fusion cooking, creating unique and different dishes.


100 gr Grana Padano 
200 gr white wine from Franciacorta 
250 gr pork meat 
5 gr chopped scallion 
2 gr fresh ginger, chopped 
40 gr cornstarch, dissolved in 40 gr water
250 gr Chinese cabbage 
2 egg-whites
10 gr flour 
200 ml meat broth 
1 gr glutamate 
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste


Mince the meat and mix with scallion, ginger, Grana Padano, a pinch of pepper, salt, cornstarch dissolved in water and set aside.
Clean the cabbage leaves and blanch them in boiling water, drain and let them cool down on a kitchen towel. Mix egg-whites and flour. Brush the cabbage leaves with this cream, add the stuffing inside, roll them to make cylinders of 2 cm in diameter and seal with the batter. Arrange the rolls in a baking-dish and steam-cook for 15 minutes. Cut the rolls into 2 cm long pieces, add the wine and keep steam-cooking till when the meat is thoroughly done. Bring the broth to a boil, add the glutamate. Cover the rolls with hot stock and serve.