The "Riserva"

The "Riserva"
Having obtained the general fire-branding and ageing for more than 20 months, the wheels are awarded the name of RISERVA, only after having passed a further quality test.

How to identify the best quality wheels
  • A grainy texture which breaks into slivers when cut by a blade.
  • Consistent white or straw-coloured paste
  • Devoid of any abnormal odours
  • Delicate with a fragrant flavour
The rind of the wheel is branded for a second time, near the four-leafed clover mark, on the opposite side to the “Grana Padano” fire-brand. This fire-branding is applied with the same procedure used for the PDO mark.

All wheels are fire-branded by the Grana Padano Protection Consortium technicians.