Latteria Agricola Primavera Società Agricola Cooperativa

Dairy Number: MN419
Via Barco, 3
46010 - Canicossa di Marcaria (MN)
tel. e fax 0376 969093
Latteria Agricola Primavera Società Agricola Cooperativa
Today we are in Marcaria, a small town in the province of Mantua, at Latteria Primavera.
We are welcomed by Chairman Davide and board members Guido and Enrico, who are all proud to tell us the story of this agricultural dairy, established back in 1972.
Since then, no less than 46 years have passed, dedicated to hard work and the continuous pursuit of quality. Today the dairy uses the milk supplied by its 12 members and its production has increased, now reaching 22.000 tons of milk. This amounts to 32,700 wheels of Grana Padano PDO per year with an average of 90 wheels per day..
The plant was completely re-modernised in 1999 when new machinery was introduced, such as the basin and the dynamic salting system. Over the years, innovation and tradition have gone hand-in-hand, always based on the only kind of quality that truly counts, that born from passion and experience.

Giorgio, who has been the cheesemaker of Latteria Primavera for the last 6 years, shows us around the dairy. His working day starts at 3.30 am when he carries out his first tasks: monitoring the quantities of milk and skimming of the cream. Taking us through the different departments, he shows us the various production machines, stressing that no chemical products are used to clean them, but only the leftover whey from the production of Grana Padano PDO.

An essential stop is the visit to the dynamic salting plant, into which the wheels are placed mechanically. A special extractor device removes them following 19 days of salting, after which the maturing process can continue.

Last but not least, we visit the factory shop, where Simona has been working for 13 years and all kinds of delicacies can be purchased, from Grana Padano to the characteristic products of the area, including salame and Lambrusco wine, which we are kindly offered by the owners. A snack that is simply not to be turned down in this area, as it warms the soul!!

In addition to the many local products, this area also boasts a rich natural landscape and offers many glimpses of breathtaking scenery. Enrico takes us to one of the places that affords a truly spellbinding view: the boat bridge, a pontoon bridge that crosses the river Oglio, located inside the park of the same name. The name is derived from that of a tower that once housed a convent, not far from where the bridge was located, used to communicate with another convent in the Suzzara area, and for sighting enemies from afar. The bridge, which has become a local tourist attraction, is a true symbol of the identity of the area.